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Sep 01, 2004 · ■ Concrete waste management procedures and practices are implemented on construction projects where concrete is used as a construction material or where concrete dust and debris result from demolition activities.

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Waste Management works with you to develop Construction & Demolition recycling programs that can keep your projects on time and on budget and benefit the environment.

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Benefits to plastic concrete: Improved workability – The small, spherical shape of fly ash particles provides a “ball bearing” effect that creates a concrete paste with superior plasticity. Decreased water demand – Replacing cement with fly ash reduces the water demand for a given slump and, in certain situations, can even reduce drying shrinkage.

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Let's get two things cleared up right away: This information applies to any type of concrete operation, be it ready-mix, precast, block, pipe, etc. As an industry, we need to stop calling it waste. Waste has regulatory meanings, and sounds like garbage. Your excess material is not waste. More on that below.

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If you have already collected the slurry in drums or pits, both AQUAmaxx and ECO-QUICKgel can help with your slurry disposal. Add AQUAmaxx to reduce the amount of waste and just decant the water. Then add ECO-QUICKgel to solidify the remaining concrete slurry. With both products, it is best to mix it in the concrete slurry to create a faster reaction and speed up processing time.

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Heavy duty disposal. When you need to dispose of heavy and bulky debris like asphalt and concrete, the 20-yard dumpster is the best way to go. Capable of hauling up to 10 tons of material, the 20-yard dumpster can be placed almost anywhere on your jobsite. We’ll even empty it and return it for you so you can keep working.

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The maximum weight for a heavy debris load is 10 tons. The best dumpster size for concrete disposal is generally a 10 cubic yard dumpster. However, you can also rent a 20 cubic yard dumpster and fill it up halfway. To estimate the overall weight of your concrete debris, use our weight calculator.

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Jan 24, 2011 · How Much Does Concrete Disposal Cost? You'll have to pay per load, anywhere from $20 on up. Probably most places are charging around $40 for a pickup load of broken concrete these days. 2. List It on Craigslist. Many people go online looking for …

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Recycling Concrete. In terms of the overall environment, recycling concrete greatly saves energy compared to mining, processing and transporting new aggregates. And while not considered environmentally damaging, the large volume of concrete waste generated during demolition makes it difficult for landfills to accommodate.

Is concrete hazardous waste? Is concrete a hazardous material?

I get the question on is concrete hazardous waste a lot, and while the answer seems pretty clear to me, for some reason, it keeps coming up.Let's take the question of is concrete a hazardous waste, or the hazardous nature of concrete, one step at a time. First, let's consider what is waste.