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In most regions of the country, garlic is planted in the fall. By that time, many summer crops have already been harvested, leaving some free garden space. Just remember that the garlic bed won't be available for another type of crop until late next summer, when it's time …

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Noteworthy Characteristics. All parts of the plant have an oniony smell when cut or crushed, however the flower scent is more suggestive of violets. Also commonly called Chinese chives because the plant is grown extensively in China for culinary purposes. Genus name comes from the classical Latin name for garlic. Specific epithet means tuberous.

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As a companion plant, garlic may be used to help keep aphids away from roses growing nearby, as well as a deterrent to rose black spot. A spray can be made with oil, water, garlic and chili to remove aphids from indoor plants. Add lavender or lemon oil to improve the scent!

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Garlic grows underground in the form of a bulb. Its long green shoots produce flower stalks called scapes, which can be eaten. Covered in an inedible papery skin, the bulb, or head, is comprised of individual sections called cloves. artificial garlic

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Garlic is a fundamental ingredient in Asian, southern European and Latin American cuisine, and is a key flavor in fish sauce, sofrito and aioli. Yet working with the pungent cloves with paper-thin skin requires some patience and skill.

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